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    ~Warrior Queen~


    Anyway y’all, when I started this behemoth of a PSD file, I had this one idea. It was of a globe-trotting Nilotic warrior woman who defeated a shit load of armies and collected the armor and accessories of her conquered opponents. This is what came out! *u*

    The reason that this damn thing took so long was because of all the layers I was using. My poor computer couldnt handle it and Im just so impatient. Fortunately, I found a way around that and it’s done so enjoy! 

    I used my sister’s face as a reference. Roughly inspired by the aesthetic of the orientalist art movement.

    Flawless Human Beings » Gina Torres » Gina Torres Alphabet

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    "It’s the age of celebrity. It’s the age of social media. But for we old school girls who don’t want to show up at every single event just ‘cause… I don’t tweet–I have nothing to say. I’m not on Facebook. I mean it sounds like I have plenty to say, but that’s to people who I’m in a room with. I’m not that interesting, and the rest is none of your business." - Gina Torres

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